Photon availability?

I would urgently need 5 more Photons (with headers) but ran out of possibilities to get them anytime soon in Europe…

These are the stores who used to have them in stock but now have none in stock and even mention “PHOTONH” as discontinued:

Digikey, Farnell, Mouser, Antratek, Distrilec, MCHobby, Bitsandparts, SOSsolutions, …

On the Particle Webshop it mentions “Estimated to ship in 54 weeks” !!!

Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 12.45.54

What is happening?

Hi FiDel- I’m sorry you’re impacted by this shortage. The photon is not discontinued, and we are continuing to manufacture it as much as we are able to. However, we’ve been constrained by the worldwide silicon shortage, which impacts the production of the Photon.

We’re working on speeding up those times but for now 54 weeks is the unfortunate reality.

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@FiDel are you not able to order the 2 at a time right now from the Particle store directly? When I’ve done that, they ship immediately (though I suppose you’ll need to place 3 separate orders).

No, it will be over a year until they receive extra Photons for their stock. See above message…

Here you go (ships worldwide): Particle Photon Kit-Tiny Wi-Fi Development Kit for IoT Project, Open Source 724131462161 | eBay.

And if you don’t order these in the next few hours hour, I probably will.


Thanks :pray: for this tip but I already found a solution in Europe thanks to @ScruffR