Photon with Headers

Have you stopped making Photons with headers. I tried to order a couple more and all the vendors are telling me they are out of stock or it is discontinued. Anybody know what is going on?

It’s definetly not discontinued by Particle even if the erspective vendor may have stopped stocking them.
Have you tried at it seems you can still order it there.

Would you mind telling us which vendors you’ve checked so they can be contacted and they can update their information?

Thanks for the prompt reply. I started with Amazon, who shows it as currently unavailable. I went to SparkFun who shows it on back order. Then I went to AdaFruit which shows it as discontinued. Then I went to Particle and could only find the one without headers. After your email, I went back to the Particle web site and found it. I went to order 2 more and then was horrified by the shipping, which was very expensive and SLOW. I decided against ordering now and will wait and see if it appears back on Amazon. I guess I am just spoiled by Prime free shipping and 2 day arrival.

But it is a relief to know that it is still available. I will keep checking Amazon and keep my fingers crossed. I just ordered a second Internet Button and it is arriving today. I can use that temporarily until Amazon gets restocked.
Again, thanks for the prompt response.

There is unfortunately a shortage of Photons with Headers. There are still some kits and trays available, though presumably you don’t want a tray of 50. Some distributors might have a few left, but Amazon is now out, as you found out.

They should be back in stock mid-February, after which distributors including Amazon should have them back in stock.

What’s going on currently with Photon availability? Seems the only thing left at the store is the kit…individual units (header, no header) are no longer available. Is this shortage ongoing or a relapse?

Photons with and without headers in trays of 50 are available now.

Photons with headers in single units are currently out of stock, but will eventually be back.

Photon kits (with the breadboard) and individual Photon without headers are discontinued and will not be available again after any remaining stock runs out.

I finally got tired of waiting and bought some at Mouser.

I have about 500 photons in trays (no headers) if anyone is after tray lots. We have moved to P1 modules and hence don’t require the Photon’s anymore.

Just PM me if interested.

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Any idea when eventually will be? I’ve got a dead project and want to get it back up and running. I looked at upgrading to the argon but the only thing available on amazon is at about 100% markup and I too am spoiled with the prime shipping and this seller can’t get it to me until July.

Yes, lack of single chip availability seems to be a huge hurtle for those developers/hobbyists considering a Photon for a project (DOA, imo), let alone existing projects like yours.

At least one previous comment on this subject in another thread seems to have implied that Photon single-chips (with headers) would be available from in Feb 2020…I was on a long trip at the time and don’t know if that actually happened or not…

One of the previous comments mentioned I went there and they had plenty at a good price and it should arrive next wednesday.

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I just joined the forums (though I started with photon a year after it came out), but it looks like I can’t PM you. Could you PM me? Thanks