Are we nearing the end of the photon?

I recently tried to order some photons with headers and found all of my usual sources were out of stock or with extremely limited stock. I’ve been working for nearly 4 years on this product and now that I have completed beta testing, I’m wondering if I need to change my design to accomodate a new Particle component.

The Photon kits (with the breadboard and extra parts) will be discontinued, but there is no plan to discontinue the Photon (with headers or without headers) at this time.

The Photon with headers should be back in stock in mid-February.

Photon with headers in trays (of 50) are on order, but may be a little later than that.

@rickkas7 Do you currently have a formal end of life plan for the Photon/Electron?

I understand that you will keep making them if there is a demand. Assuming you decided, say in June 2020, the demand is down, how long would you keep making them? We have production products based around the Photon so ideally we’re looking for some sort of formal end of life lead time expectation once you decide end of life is coming.

@garyh, refer to my post Photon Stock Availability should you need stock.

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