Buying P1 modules

Hey my fellow community friends,

We are a small start up in Canada. We developed an IoT product based on Particle P1 module. The product is used for assistive technology for long term care facilities. The product is getting market attraction, we now want to build more. Unfortunately, P1 module is currently out of stock. We were told by Particle sales team the lead time is now 38 weeks.

For our immediate product delivery purpose, we want to buy 200 P1 modules. We are wondering if any of you or your employer could sell us some P1 modules. We are also willing to buy P1 dev kit.

Thank you for your attention.


@michaelz we can help out with PHOTON no headers, refer Photons No Headers - excess stock - #2 by UMD.

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@UMD Thank you for the response. P1 and Photon (P0) are pretty close, they can be easily swapped in a normal case. Unfortunately our current design need those extra memory.

@Michaelz, understood, no worries!

@michaelz I have 80 P1’s in original packaging (10 in each bag) that I can sell. PM me?

@jenschr Thank you. I PMed you.

Hi fox… Does anyone still have some photons with no headers?… I seem to be out of stock everywhere. Is it that article has gone completely to the Argon?… If so that’s really sad… Because I don’t believe they come without headers. Let me know if anyone has some headerless photons to sell. Thanks !

Hello, Did you have a Photon in your stock now?

If you check the Particle store, they are out of stock of the Photon with headers, but it is still being manufactured, so they have not gone to the Argon exclusively. The Photon without headers has been discontinued.

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