Buying Photon and Electron - shipping?


I’m bulk buying Photons and Electrons for a group in the UK. If I order both Photons and Electrons in one order, will the Electrons hold up the Photons shipment?

I can’t see a good ‘official’ channel to contact support - lots of out of date ‘spark’ options on this page, and IRC seems to be very quiet. Bottom right links:

Does anyone know what the best way to get in contact with a member of particle’s staff is?
(I’m neither a twitter or FB user, and want to remain that way!)



Photons and electrons would probably be separate shipments. Perhaps it’s even easier if order them separately, since that’ll give you a more accurate overview (tracking numbers, etc).
You most certainly can contact members of staff over here :smile:
@christine (community relations), @danjamieson (sales). Contacting is for general inquiries, and for sales related questions. Either should work :smile:

Let us know if you require additional information!

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Thanks for your answer.

Dan has made contact to help on any further questions.

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