Photon won't power on

I just got a Photon a few days ago. I’ve been trying to code it and it was working just fine. But now when I try to plug it in to the USB it won’t power on. I know that it is receiving power because if I try to reset it, it will blink once at me. I’m really pressed for time to get this working.

Any suggestions?

When you say blink once, what colour is that?

Also, try holding the MODE button before you power on and see if you can get into Safe mode.


As @kennethlimcp said, Safe Mode should help.

But for the reason, do you by any chance call System.sleep() in your code?
When you experience odd behaviour after you flashed new code, it’s usually the code causing it, so you should post that code.

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I got it in the safe mode. So now it seems fine. Yeah my friend’s code put it to sleep and I didn’t realize it. Thanks for your help.