Photon does not start loaded software!

I flash my code to Photon using ParticleDev, and if I cycle power it starts my program no problem.
If I leave my Photon for day with no power when I power up my code does not start, I have to load it again.
Is that normal behavior ?

Nope that is not normal.
What does your code do when it is running?
What exactly does your Photon do when you power it up?
Have you got any other circuitry connected?

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It looks that actually is running but my SPI display for some reason does not display anything, and then after reload it is working.

Could you add a short delay before using your display in code and if your display has a reset pin trigger that too?
What display is it and how have you wired it?

It is one of those :

I added delay and did some changes on Reset line, it works on short power resets I will see tomorow if it will come back after night!

Thanks for help!