Photon led is Solid White, can't get into any mode

So everything was running fine last night, today I plugged it in but its just showing a solid white light.

Can’t get into any mode using the hardware buttons, no changes on the LED no matter what.

Any suggestions?

Try going into safe mode !!!

Hold the setup key while inserting the power , then release when you see the led power.

Ive had a few white leds , and that’s the only way I’ve to get out of them.
Now , reinstall your code back
BUT I’ve never had a white without faulty program code.

Nothing on that one Peter. Held setup and plugged in USB power. As soon as I plugged it in the white light came on and I released setup. White light stayed on.

Do you have a ST-Link V2 or Particle Programmer shield? I’d like to capture the flash image of your Photon, and then we could restore it.

No, sorry I don’t have either of those. Are those required to restore it from this state? What’s happened?

It’s hard to know what happened, but it sounds like something is wrong with the DCT area of memory that allows the bootloader to function properly. The only way to restore it will be with JTAG tools. Since you do not have any please write into hello @ particle . io and request a replacement, mentioning this thread. I would like to get your Photon returned as well so we can do a post mortem on it so please mention that Brett would like to get his grubby hands on your Photon :smile: If you could include a brief note with your returned Photon that mentions this thread, or that the unit needs to have its flash memory saved, that would be helpful!

Darn. That really sucks… especially with Halloween tomorrow and no means to get a replacement :frowning:
I’ll get in touch with them next week and start that process.

Hold setup button for 10 sec. Did get that error one time and fix it this way!