Not powering up, unit is hot!

I received my Photons the other day and last night flashed some code to use with a relay module. Today the unit will not power up. The D7 LED is faintly lit. The system LED does not flash. I had it plugged in for a few minutes and when I went to disconnect the USB (powered from my computer) the entire unit and all of the pins were hot!

I’m suspecting that something fried but I fail to see how. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Very little information to go by. How did you connect it; schematics, pictures, diagrams? What did the code look like; paste it here? Although the code is unlikely to have caused the issue, having too much information is generally better than too little.

@viper96, as @Moors7said, how did you power the Photon and how was it connected to your relay module?