Photon gets too hot and shuts off before I can do anything to fix it

This started about an hour ago. I plug my photon in (via USB) … Nothing connected. Within 15 seconds it’s too hot to touch and then shuts itself off. I can get it about half way through factory reset before it shuts down… I can get it into DFU mode but for a about 20 seconds or so. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

Do you know how much current/volts is going to you Photon with you current USB connection? Sounds like it may be getting to much but shouldn’t if its just pulling from your computers USB. Hit up support, it may be a hardware issue, I have had all of mine running for weeks with no issues so def. hit up support on this one would be my suggestion.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot

Also, just wondering if you tried to plug it in with a wall wart and had the same issue?

Yes, same issue. Tried different USB cables too. Waiting to hear back from support now, seems like some kind of hardware malfunction. Thanks for your help!

That would be my guess. These things happen, I have found support to be great so keep us posted on your experience. Good luck!

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