Photon won't connect to wifi extender

Hey everyone, I’m trying to connect my Photon to a Xiaomi WiFi Extender but it’s not working. its not a 5Ghz network and the SSID is separate from the base SSID. After I finish setting up the credentials, the Photon blinks green rapidly and then goes back to blinking blue (setup mode). Sometimes it just stays blinking green after setup. The extender works though, because I can connect to the extender using my laptop and browse the internet fine. Any ideas? I know there is some information in the documentation saying that 8011n only networks are incompatible but I dont think thats relevant in this situation.

I have no concrete contribution to your router, but I think of 2 alternative options:
a.) try to execute particle doctor via CLI
b.) you could open a wifi hotspot via your smartphone and claim your device

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When I looked at the FAQ for for Xiaomi WiFi Extender, it said that it is a 5 GHz only device.

When you connect a laptop, can you look at the connection and see?

Can you try to force the laptop to connect on 2.4 GHz?

Here is where I looked:

It’s in chinese, could be wrong but I think from that page it says that it can support both 2.4 and 5. Anyway I forced my laptop to use 2.4ghz band and it can connect to the extender fine. Just an update on the situation though, so I’ve found out that it eventually does reach the cloud after like 2.5 - 5 mins. It just continuously blinks green and then suddenly is able to connect. And then every connection after that as long as I dont reset the credentials is quick as well. Very weird.

OK here is the relevant part run through Google translate:

Router 2.4G WiFi and 5G WiFi What is the difference? Why can not my cell phone 5G?
WiFi, which was widely used in the past, is mostly based on the IEEE 802.11n (fourth generation) wireless standard and its working frequency band is mostly at 2.4 GHz, so it is called 2.4G WiFi. The latest generation wireless standard IEEE 802.11ac (fifth generation) Its working frequency band is in 5GHz, so it is called 5G WiFi, it has the characteristic of fast transmission rate, less interference.
Millet router supports 5G band, connecting 5G WiFi, you need your Internet device also supports 5G band.

It translated “MiWiFi” as “Millet” but otherwise seems to say 5GHz only, particularly in the last sentence.

Could it be that you are connecting back to original AP?

Did you try to check the laptop connection?

The connection time for me various somewhat but is never longer than 60 seconds, so I suspect very strongly that the problem is in the WiFi extender.

Ah okay, it would seem mine isn’t latest revision. The Xiaomi has a seperate AP and I’ve connected my laptop to it successfully and it’s forced to use 2.4ghz. guess there is just a weird interaction between the wifi repeater and photons. =\

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