Photon not able to connect to WiFi Repeater

I’m trying to connect my photon to WiFi Extender:

the extender works fine, i can connect to it with desktop and mobile, and it’s also recognizable by CLI. but for some reason i’m unable to connect photon to it, not by android app, desktop or CLI. after running particle serial wifi the led flashes several times green and continues to flash blue. connection to main wifi works fine.
Any help is greatly appreciated

Can you deactivate 5GHz on it?
Is it using the same SSID as your primary router?
If so, are you sure the Photon won’t see the primary SSID at the same time?
There is no way to have two BSSIDs stored that share the same SSID.

thanks for your suggestion but unfortunately it’s none of the above. the wifi repeater is 2.4ghz and has a different SSID, I’ve also done the Wi-Fi Network Reset and it didn’t help

How long is the SSID and does it or the PW contain unusual characters?

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Hi @Mityok

This thing is $12 on AliExpress so my quality expectations are low.

If it has a different SSID then are you using it in AP mode? In repeater mode it I would think it has the same SSID as the primary network.

What security mode are you using?

How are you setting the Photon up to connect to it? The network must be able to be “seen” by the Photon if you want the Photon to figure out the security–otherwise you must fully specify the security mode.

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