Photon stuck (D7 blue/non responsive)

I just turned one my photon after two weeks and the only thing I could get is the blue D7 LED on. I read I can solve it by the use of an other photon. But I don’t have one one. Is there any other way of saving this photon?

Provide us please with more information about the system mode.
Did you bought it as new or refurbished from a friend?
Can can control your Photon via your smartphone app named “Particle”?

Thanks for your time. The Photon was bought as new. The LED designed for displaying the system mode is currently off. The Photon is not showing up in the app, nor a wi fi signal is detected.

I repeat my understanding: you powered the new photon and get D7 LED (blue one) active and the middle system LED is NOT active (not breathing a color). Also you can’t initiate the setup-process via your smartphone app. Right?
Possible that you upload pictures from smartphone app process and from your photon?