D7 particle photon

D7 on photon dose not light up
Please help me

Wow… I don’t think I’ve seen such a vague post before. Have you powered the device? If so, how? Have to uploaded some code which turns on the D7 LED? If so, how? Does the status LED come on? If yes, what color sequence?

You could post a photo of your setup and some code you are using to start.


Then you haven’t been around long enough :see_no_evil:.

@Retal, if you want assistance, you’ll need to come up with more than “it’s not working, help me”. We have no magic orb to see what’s going on, and unless you tell us, we have to guess. Seeing as there are infinite options when we have to start guessing, we’d rather spend our time on something more meaningful.

As a general rule of thumb, you’d at least want to give us:
-what you want to do
-what you have tried so far (everything)
-what it does/doesn’t do
-what specifics you need help with (not ‘everything’)