Photon SOS 14 blinks

out of the blue my photon is giving me suddenly a SOS with 14 blinks.
I did all the tricks found in the tutorial but nothing helps.
When in the cli I try to run “Particle device doctor” I get the following message:
The Doctor didn’t complete successfully. Cannot read property ‘code’ of undefined

Please visit our community forums for help with this error:

Can anyone help me please.
O yes, an other little thing, after 1 min my photon is so hot that I can cook an egg on it. (a small egg)

14 blinks is heap error - what this means is that the RAM memory used by the application software as ‘working memory’ has run out or possibly become fragmented and unrecoverable.

This is an application problem.

Have you tried reloading the Tinker application and checking whether the photon works normally after that? Given you may have by now screwed up the device OS - I would reload the device OS from scratch using the CLI $particle flash --usb

Some photons do run hot - it could be that the voltage regulator is on the way out.

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yes, I flashed my photon back to tinker but I still have the SOS:

PS D:\Particle\Workbench\Projects\TestIRRemote> particle flash --usb tinker

Flash success!

Then you will need to download the device OS binaries and repeat from scratch.

  1. particle flash --usb “photon-system-part1@1.5.0.bin” (flashing yellow)
  2. particle flash --usb “photon-system-part2@1.5.0.bin”
  3. particle flash --usb “photon-tinker@1.5.0.bin”
  4. particle flash --serial “photon-bootloader@1.5.0+lto.bin” (flashing blue)
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You are the KING, it’s working again.
Thanks a lot.