SoS & 5 Flashes 'Usage Error'


I am hoping for some help with a Photon.
I am getting the red SoS pattern followed by 5 red flashes indicating the ‘User Error’ fault.

I have tried a factory reset as per the device mode guides, but after doing this and re-connecting through tinker I am still unable to clear the fault.
When trying to flash the device through build the code compiles but times out before flashing the device.

Any ideas? How do I clear the code (which I am assuming is causing the error) when it won’t flash? Why hasn’t the factory reset worked?

Thanks in advance.

You mean this factory reset)

Or did you use Safe Mode plus particle flash --usb tinker?

And it’s Usage Fault not User, indicating things like misaligned pointers or - most easily produced - a zero-div exception.


Rookie mistake - was looking at the wrong device guides so your point in the right direction got me there.

Put device through safe mode and is now working fine.

Thanks for your help.