SOS After Factory Reset

My Photon runs into a SOS hard fault every once in awhile (I kinda wish I knew why, need debugger). Either way, I can typically do a firmware reset and be back in business. Currently, it seems I can’t get the code that is causing the error off the Photon. With this problem, I decided to do a Factory Reset.

So now I’m in listening mode and I set up my wifi creds using the CLI, particle setup wifi. That seems to work all fine and dandy. The Photon restarts, tries to connect to the Particle cloud but then gives me SOS again. I looked at my serial output and it’s still running the code that was causing the hard fault in the first place. This code is not welcome anymore and I want it gone, anyone else run in to this?

@craigfoo, I believe there may be an issue regarding this. Until it’s addressed, the easiest thing to do is to put the Photon in OTA Firmware Udpate mode or DFU mode and flash over Tinker or a known-good app. :smile:

Also known as “safe mode”, with some more details as to how to get there.

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@peekay123, putting it in OTA Firmware Update mode is a good fix. That allows me to load new firmware. Thanks!