[SOLVED]Particle suddenly not operating properly and won't factory reset

Been using my particle for days with no problem and suddenly it wasn’t running my code and I was seeing weird on-board led patterns like blinking red and such. So I am attempting a factory reset but for the reset I’m not seeing the expected lights:

Holding both buttons
Releasing Reset button while still holding Setup button
See blue/red blinking for a couple of seconds
Then seeing blinking yellow forever … after 20 seconds I give up.

What does this mean? Am I missing something in the instructions?

If you have a Particle Photon there is no factory reset.

And when you see red blinks (especially some SOS pattern) then most likely your code has some issues (e.g. mem leak).

I am realizing now that I am seeing an SOS with code 1 = “Hard Fault”.

Does this mean the device is toast?

Also how does one distinguish between documentation for my device and other devices?

Your device isn’t toast, but there’s most likely an error in your code somewhere. Try holding setup, and pushing reset. Release once it goes into blinking magenta (blue+red). That’s safe mode, which will only run system firmware. That should get you connected to the cloud again, after which you should be able to flash your code wirelessly once more. Give “blink an LED” or Tinker a try, and you should see your device working again :smile:

Top right corner of the docs:


So perhaps this should now be a different thread, but I tracked down the offending code:

attachInterrupt(D2, myfunctionname, CHANGE);

This throws my particle into hard fault mode every time. The function is declared void myfunctionname(void) first as per the documentation, and then is defined later. It has no implementation at this point.


So, what do you have attached to D2? If the pin is floating, it may be driving your interrupt function over and over again…

You may also be asking too much of your interrupt function…

It may also be helpful to post a test version of your code that exhibits the problem. :smiley:

I’ve moved this to a separate thread re getting interrupts working.