Stack Overflow Blink Error During Flashing

I’m quite confused by what I’m seeing here… when trying to make some firmware updates yesterday I started seeing this weird behavior where, when flashing new firmware and only then, it will go into flash mode then blink the red SOS, followed by 13 red blinks, then red SOS again, followed by 13 red blinks again.

But then, it will finish the flash and I will see my data publish start.

See code here. I stripped it down to simplest.

I’m running this on a Photon with firmware v0.7.0

So, it works… I guess. But that SOS thing everytime is really weird. Seems like something is wrong but not sure what or what to do about it.

You can try to clear an re-apply your WiFi credentials, just in case you’ve got a corrupted set of creds stored.
Maybe you can also post the output of particle serial inspect.

After that try

particle flash --usb tinker
particle update

And then try again.

Also posting a video of the actual actions and RGB codes provided might help.


Thanks! After doing ALL of those things (in the given order) the issue seems to have gone away.


Can this be done via Web IDE somehow? I'm guessing these commands are intended to be run via CLI with a USB cable attached?

Thanks in advance

If you can OTA flash your device (e.g. via Safe Mode) you can try flashing an empty 0.7.0 targeted project.