Photon Setup lib version 0.9.2 returns to Ready screen

Just started trying to finalize some changes around adding Photons and found that using Setup Lib version 0.9.2 returns back to the Ready screen. What I mean is that the ready button is hit on the Ready screen, it transitions to the Discover screen for a few seconds then reverts immediately to the Ready screen again. Seeing this on an iPhone 7 with iOS 12.4 loaded. Anyone else seeing this?

Sorry for that. This problem wasn’t spotted during initial testing and was only reported after proper testing. It was patched in 0.9.3. I’m really sorry for such a mess with latest setup lib release. I have just tested the 0.9.3 again with my ios 10, ios 12 and ios 13 devices. I’m confident that it will now work as expected.