iOS setup final screen error

I have added the Photon setup module to my app and customize it including my company logo, the device name and so on. However, once the setup has finished whether is has gone wrong or it has been successful in those screens the strings where the device name should be are not being generated properly and it appears {device}.
In the initial screen the device name appears right but not in this final one.


Thank you for posting this. I will look into this and return to you ASAP. We have recently extracted all the strings from code and it seems there’s a problem with this screen replacing string variables.

Thank you for reporting this. This is now fixed in release 1.0.2. If for some reason you would like to avoid updating from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 it was actually a one line fix. You can add [self replaceSetupStrings:self.view]; at the end of viewDidAppear within ParticleSetupResultViewController.m