Device names reset themselves

I setup four new photons on Friday with my iPhone, gave them custom names, flashed my program on them, ensured they were working and then left them off over the weekend.

Come in today to setup some more devices to find that two of the photons I setup on Friday have reverted to default names.

I’m positive that these devices were correctly named on Friday so I’m wondering what happened?

Additionally I’m noticing today that devices that I’m setting up are not keeping their names I give them at initial setup.
After claiming them they are showing <NO_NAME> and upon refreshing my device list they show a random default name.

Are you still setting them up with the iPhone app? What happens if you set them up and name them with particle-cli?

I am still using the iPhone app. I’m not using the cli for initial claiming of devices since my computer is hardwired to the Corporate LAN and not on WiFi. And switching my computer to correct WiFi network is honestly more hassle then it feels like it should be.

If I say yes at this next step it keeps spinning looking for a “Wild Photon”

Can you try doing the “manual” setup? (You won’t need to connect your computer to Wi-Fi.)

  1. Put your photon into listening mode.

  2. Run the command: particle serial identify

  3. Copy the Device ID.

  4. Run the command: particle serial wifi

  5. Follow the steps to select your Wi-Fi network.

  6. Let the photon reboot and connect to the cloud (breathing cyan).

  7. Run the command: particle device add PASTED-DEVICE-ID

This should get the photon connected to Wi-Fi and claimed to your account.

You can rename the photon with: particle device rename PASTED-DEVICE-ID NEW-NAME


That worked, new device has the desired name. Two questions though:

  • Why doesn’t particle setup give you the option to manually chose a WiFi network?
  • I’m still not sure why two of my existing devices had their names reset over the weekend? I had refreshed my device list multiple times and they were fine last I saw them.
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particle setup tries to setup the photon over Wi-Fi instead of serial, and connect it to the Wi-Fi network your computer is connected to. I agree that it would be better if it had the option to setup over serial.

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