Accidentally Exited out in Setup - Particle Photon

So I just purchased 2 particle photons, and as I was performing the set up for the first photo, I was running into a couple problems. Eventually I resolved them, and connected my Photon to Wifi. However, I was under the impression I typed something wrong in the password as the light was flashing green. Because of that, I pressed refresh as that was recommended. Unfortunately, a moment later, the Photon switched to a “Breathing Cyan”. I was unable to “Claim” my photon nor name it, and I can’t do anything with it in the CLI since my USB doesn’t detect it now.

What should I do? No commands in the CLI relating to “particle” do anything because it assumes I have nothing in my USB. I also can’t factory reset the Particle by holding Setup or Reset or combination of both. Please help! Thank you so much.

Hold the setup button until it goes blinking blue, then try ‘particle identity’ in the CLI.
Copy the ID.
Reset the device and wait for it to go breathing cyan again.
Claim the device using the CLI/Web IDE.
Name the device once claimed.

It suddenly started blinking blue like normal. This did not happen a minute ago. Thank you. I held it for 30 seconds before and it just stopped working, but its fine now. Sorry for the silly question!