Having trouble setting up a new device

Brand new photon.
I used the iOS app to set it up.
It got past the WiFi setup, and I see the photon is breathing cyan.
However, I still got a “Warning, failed to setup”

The device is breathing cyan, and I can even “signal” it from the iOS app - however it doesn’t appear online, and I cannot flash it via cloud. I can’t even “Reflash Tinker” from the iOS app.

I’ve tried connecting it via USB to my MacBook Pro (Sierra), but the particle-cli gives me “! serial: No serial port identified” even though the device is blinking blue after holding setup.

The serial port issue seems unrelated, I can’t seem to get that to work for any of my devices at the moment (not sure what that’s about).

Anyone have any tips? I’m stumped.

Can you refresh the devices tab?

Hi Folks,

I eventually got this working by DFU flashing the defice with 0.62 Part1, Part2, and then Tinker.

After than I was able to see the device online and reflash it OTA with my user firmware.

Still can’t get the serial port working however :confused: