Photon Setup Lib has been updated to support iOS 13


Hello everyone. Wanted to let you know that there are important changes in iOS 13 that affect Photon setup. Apple has recently sent out email to all members of Apple development program informing that starting iOS 13 apps will require to get location services permission to access Wi-Fi SSID information. Given that this is probably the first time Apple ever sends such e-mail, it seems that they are aware how serious the change is and how little time there is for everyone to adjust (usually they give at least 1-2 years). Photon setup lib relies on Wi-Fi SSID information to determine when phone gets connected to the device.

We have just released iOS Photon Setup Library update to address this. Solution to the problem involves extra screen in the flow that’s only shown for devices running iOS 13. If you are using Photon Setup Lib in your app, you MUST update to version 0.9.1 for the setup to work on iOS 13. If you are only using the lib for user account creation / auth, the update is not needed. Please also note that you need to add NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription key to you info.plist or app will crash when requesting location permission.

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I have released a 0.9.2 today to address usage of symbols in 0.9.1 not available in iOS 10 which resulted in a crash on iOS 10 devices. Sorry for the inconveniences.


Sorry for that but one more patch release (0.9.3) to address regression introduced for iOS 9-12 devices where app would return to get ready screen in few seconds after leaving the screen.