Particle App on iOS 13?

I’m trying to use the Particle App, on the beta version of iOS 13, to set up a Photon. My experience is that the app can’t find the Photon once I’ve connected to it in WiFi Settings, and was wondering if this is a known issue or just me. I realize that iOS 13 is in beta and unsupported, but I’m just curious …

Our team got a message from apple saying that the iOS13 will not allow apps to read the name of the Wi-Fi network the phone is on - just that it is connected to something. This means it may not be possible for Particle to know you are connected to “Photon-XXXX”. Would love to know if any other app developers have this issue.


Hello everyone, there’s already an issue created for that on github. I will update github thread with the progress. It will have to be fixed in both our tinker app and in setup library.

Issue has now been closed. Tinker app hasn’t been updated yet, but it will before iOS 13 goes public.