Photon program without particle IDE

i received my Photon from preorder, it’s a nice thing :slight_smile:

So i wanted to program it with Windows inside VirtualBox. When i forward the USB
VirtualBox completely freezes.

So i tried with a Windows machine, after installing node and python and .Net framework there went something wrong because some includes were not found when npm tried building something…

So i tried installing particle-cli in linux (Arch Linux) which failed because something went wrong with some deps.
Don’t have time at the moment to solve the NPM problems.

Now i wonder: Is there a driver/code for the WLAN module so i can program the photon in a traditional way (ST HAL Library, arm-gcc, openocd, stlinkv2)?

Would be nice if you could point me to some source code.

Best regards

PS: I have no problem with particle IDE and this cloud stuff, but I like the old way with just some source files and vim + flash via openocd/stlink better.

Have you installed the dfu driver for windows?

yep. Does not help.

The other problem is more important: I only have a Linux machine with Windows in VirtualBox.
So if there is no way to program the Photon in Linux then i have to use Windows in VirtualBox, but when i forward the USB, the VirtualBox freezes and the Photon stops blinking.

So if there is no fix for these two problems I’ll sell my two Photons as I cannot use them. I’ll not install a native Windows just because of this.

Please help
A native WLAN driver code for ST HAL library would be nice. So i can program directly with STLink adapter

There are some clues on how to set up a local environment here.
There’s also this (really neat) installer for Windows to do this for you.
The USB issue is most likely related to the virtual setup, but that shouldn’t stop you entirely. If all you want to do is flash it, then you can program/code/compile in windows, and then flash the resulting files via linux (I’d think). Not ideal, but it should work.