New photon problems flashing

So I bought a new photon to control a refrigerator I added it to my account , it shows as connected in the web-ide but I can’t flash it with code. I just sits there with the blue led breathing away and the flash times out.

I have tried removing it from my inventory and adding it back.

any ideas?

thanks steve.

Breathing blue or cyan?



Are you farmiliar with the particle-cli tools?

If so I would try running the ‘Particle Device Doctor’ command.

Particle Decvice Doctor Link


no I am not but can learn. It seems to be connected ttho because it shows connected from the ide and console

I have no trouble connecting via android and resetting everything.


Hi Murmsk,

Here is a link to the CLI tutorial:

Paricle CLI tutorial

They are really use to assit in device management.

That should get you started


Can you signal it from the web IDE?
What about a really simple program like ‘blink an led’? Does it do that?
What version of system firmware have you selected?