Photon not appearing as serial port

I am having this same issue, but it won’t log into the photon wifi network. It says there is no serial port id and regardless of which USB cord I use, it doesn’t recognize that a photon is plugged into the computer. I even used a brand new photon as well

@jessicakoch136, did you place the Photon in listening mode? If you are using Windows, can you check if there is a new COM port when the Photon is in listening mode? Otherwise, you might need to install the driver.

I am on a Mac, it is currently in listening mode (blinking dark blue)

I guess you are using particle-CLI to interact with the Photon?

What does ls /dev/tty.* show?

I have redownloaded the particle-cli and unclaimed the devices. When i try to setup via, i am being told that bad json is being returned from the device. When i try to setup via the command line, i get ▐
` Asking the Photon to scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks…/Users/jessicakoch/.nvm/versions/node/v7.7.3/lib/node_modules/particle-cli/node_modules/softap-setup/lib/SoftAP.js:97
cb(null, json.scans);

TypeError: Cannot read property 'scans' of undefined`


What does particle --version say? You should see 1.23.1 It looks like you might have an older version of the CLI

Also, try using another USB port to see if the Photon gets listed in Listening mode.


Can you use particle setup and enter the WiFi credentials manually?

it just says Obtaining device information over and over

Your Photon encountered an error while trying to scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks. Retrying... { Error: connect ENETUNREACH - Local ( at Object.exports._errnoException (util.js:1033:11) at exports._exceptionWithHostPort (util.js:1056:20) at connect (net.js:896:16) at net.js:982:9 at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:73:7) at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:104:9) code: 'ENETUNREACH', errno: 'ENETUNREACH', syscall: 'connect', address: '', port: 5609 }
is the error if i scan for wifi networks

Try this? Before that, power cycle the Photon and place it in Listening mode again.

manually entering:
! It doesn't look like your Photon has made it to the cloud yet. but i got the device id, so that’s better than nothing

ok i accidentally bumped the reset button briefly and it connected…

DId you get the serial port working?
ls /dev/tty.* should show something like:


in the list if the Photon has registered correctly via USB. Sometimes I have seen the port get corrupted and become unavailable if an application has crashed that was using the port, I.E the cable was loose etc.

I did get it working, but i had to manually enter my credentials, it has since reconnected and works fine