Photon not recognized

The photon I just received is not being recognized by the app nor the command line utility. Blinking blue like it was supposed to. I have a few cores and the ones I have used so far work fine with this method. Photon showed up in device Manager, I selected the driver. it is installed fine and shows a com port. I even changed it’s com port a few times. Not sure what is going on. Thanks

I too have had difficulty with the Particle-CLI and serial interface. Have you tried using a standard Serial port terminal, such as Putty, and connecting to COM9? if you then press w, the Photon should walk you through wifi setup.

I did get it working through Putty. Had to type i in the terminal to get the device id, then type w to run through wifi setup. Then go online to claim my core by typing in the ID. Kind of a pain.