Photon is not detected as Serial device (Mac OS 10.12.4, Sierra)

After not using my photons I tried to make a simple scetch and read out data serial monitor. Unfortunately the device does not appear as serial device. I earlier had this problem after updating the OS but this time I seem to be stuck.

I tried to install new drivers for the serial port communication. Unfortunately I did not document which I exactly tried.

My hypothesis is that is has something to do with the MacOS version 10.12.4, Sierra.

Anyone experiencing similar problems, and solved them?

Here are a few tips that might help with Mac OS X. In particular, you can try the command to see if your Photon can be seen by the USB subsystem (ioreg) to determine whether it’s a USB or serial problem.


Hi, Thanks for replying. The device did not show up with ioreg -p IOUSB. However finally I used another USB cable and that worked! So much headache for such a trivial solution :-/


Thanks for the help @rickkas7!