Mac can't detect Photon for firmware update

I have two Photon “Internet Buttons”. They both are connected to the cloud and can be programmed through the IDE. Now I’m trying to update the firmware from 0.4.9 to 0.6.1 on both using the Particle Firmware Manager, which should detect them when plugged into USB and in DFU mode (they do blink Yellow). I put them in DFU mode and they don’t appear in the Mac’s USB device list (via System Report or “ioreg -p IOUSB” in Terminal). Therefore, Particle Firmware Manager doesn’t find them and keeps asking to “Connect a Particle Device using a USB cable”.


@kennethlimcp, if I remember right you either have experience/use a mac? Are you able to help here?


@Tinkerer, can you place it in Listening mode instead of DFU mode?

Thanks @kennethlimcp. I put the Photon in Listening mode (blinking blue) and still not showing up as a connected device on my Mac in System Report or “ioreg -p IOUSB” in Terminal. Particle Device Updater doesn’t find it either.

Did you ever have it detected on a Mac? You might want to try other USB ports.

Also, if you have particle-cli installed, that can be used for firmware updating as well.

OTA firmware updating works great, too. :wink: