Photon is breathing magenta and stuck in offline mode


I have tried to flash code from the Experiment 8: Activity Tracker on sparkfun page and something wasn’t working like I thought and I put photon in safe mode. Now, my photon is disconnected from cloud and it is breathing magenta. How to put it in working state ?


Breathing magenta suggests your device is infact online.

However, you can always flash firmware via USB and CLI.
Since we don’t know what device OS version your Photon is running and what version you targeted when flashing the new application I’d recommend running these commands with CLI v1.38.0 (in DFU Mode)

particle update 
particle flash --usb tinker

After that in Listening Mode run

particle serial inspect

and post the output here.

BTW, if you are using some code it’s best to either post it here (copy/paste) or provide a link (either the source where you got it from or your own Web IDE SHARE THIS REVISION link).

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Thank you. I have windows 10.

  1. I have installed CLI (
  2. In command prompt put: particle flash --usb tinker

Now is breathing cyan and working fine.

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