Photon breathing yellow?

I have a Photon that is breathing yellow after powering up.
When tapping reset while holding setup it starts blinking red for about three seconds and then starts blinking yellow.
There is no way I can get it into safemode…

Before putting in a lot of effort (device doctor etc.), I’d like to know:
Has anyone any experiences with breathing yellow, or does it simply mean that the device is broken and should be buried???

Breathing yellow is not a commonly known state.
If it’s blinking yellow, this would indicate that a device OS update did not finish successfully.

Common colours for breathing are white, blue, cyan and magenta. Could it be white rather than yellow (have you got a video)?

I’m not a fan of device doctor as it does multiple things in a not very transparent manner IMO.

I’d run these individual steps one by one (all while the device is blinking yellow)

  • particle flash --usb tinker -v
  • particle update -v
  • particle flash --usb tinker -v

After that your device should be able to come out of DFU Mode.
Now you can put into Listening Mode (blinking blue) and run particle serial inspect to double check all dependencies are good and healthy.