Breathing Magenta two new photons

I have two new photons just out of the boxes. both do the same thing. I get them connected to my wifi and they breathe cyan very briefly (for about 20 seconds I can see them as online on my android phone. Then they start doing something flashing white, flashing green, reboot, flash, yadda, yadda, which ultimately ends in a slow breathing magenta for both of the devices. If I do a factory reset, the same thing happens again.

I’ve not downloaded anything, just trying to get them to be “online” on my android phone so I can play with the inputs/outputs.

Suggestions are most welcome.

Breathing magenta means if it running in Safe mode where the Photon connects to the :cloud: but does not run the user firmware.

Did you managed to claim it? If you did, go to and flash an empty app. The Photon should now update it’s system firmware and everything so work well :smile:

Or if the Android app has a function to reflash the tinker app, you can use that as well :wink:

Please see this note about performing a factory reset:

I received my Photon last night, and eventually ended up in a breathing magenta state. I believe I did a factory reset among other reboot procedures to get it working, and the best I could do was the breathing magenta and the mobile app listing it as offline.

I selected “Reflash Tinker” from the phone, and the Photon came to life.

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Breathing magenta is a good sign. It means Hey, i’m connected to the :cloud: but no application code running.


I had three photons breathing magenta. To recover I

Put the Photon into blinking Yellow mode.
From the command line: particle update
From the web IDE flashed Blink LED
Ta-da, working.