Photon got blinking magenta slowly

Hi, my photon got blinking magenta slowly after firmware update.

I tryed to restart device, and Photon’s LED workes:
soid white -> blink green -> blink cyan first -> blink magenta slowly

That color is not listed in the troubleshooting guide

This photon is offline in device list when running “particle list” command.

What does it mean?

Blinking magenta means OTA firmware downloading in progress. Is it an entirely new Photon?

Thanks @kennethlimcp

I got blinking magenta “very slowly” like blink cyan slowly when successfully connected particle server.

blinking is continuing about one hour. I guess it something error happens in device.

This photon is shipped last month.

It is breathing magenta? fade in and out?

If it is breathing magenta, it means that it does not have any user firmware on it. Flash some code to it.

It is breathing magenta? fade in and out?

yes, this is it.

Thank you @nrobinson2000, I try to do that!

I’m facing the same problem with a brand new device. I’ve flushed the very basic Blink an LED program from the Example apps. The following occurs:

The D7 pin Blue Light blinks for a second->White light blinked once ->rapid green light blinking ->cyan light blinking comparatively slower -> breathing majenta(again!!:disappointed_relieved:)

How do I bring it back from the safe mode?

If it’s in Safe Mode, you should be able to flash new code to it. Photons should automatically update their system firmware to match the user one you’ve selected, whereas an Electron won’t auto-update, leaving you in Safe mode if user firmware > System firmware.
With a Photon, flash new code.
With an Electron, flash code with a version <= system version, or update the system firmware. Using the CLI, in DFU mode, that should be ‘particle update’, assuming you’re on the latest CLI version.

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Hi Thank you for the reply. Even after flashing new code it was not exiting from the safe mode.

This solution worked.

Thank you so much once again.

Glad to hear the issue is resolved.
For completeness sake, I’ll assume you’ve updated the system firmware using DFU-util?

If so, then this should’ve given you the same.

Yes yes. We’ve done that. CLI version : 1.27.0

Thank You. Really appreciate this. :slight_smile:

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