Photon - Pulsing Blue+Magenta in 'Breathing' Fashion - Is This Normal?

Hello All,

I went through the key regeneration I have seen on this forum - but I had to go back to the ‘original’ keys to see the photon ‘claimed’ in the dashboard.

With the ‘other’ keys, it appeared the photon was blinking OK (cyan?) meaning it was connecting to the cloud - but I could not ‘claim’ it - either on PC or iPhoid app.

I have a brief UToob video - but at the end there it is ‘breathing’ this blue plus magenta pattern - but it shows connected in the dashboard.

So, what is wrong with this - according to what I have read it should be blinking another pattern when connected to the cloud - correct?

In the iPhoid app - it shows ‘Offline’ - I have reset it several times - still ‘breathes’ the blue/magenta pattern.


Breathing magenta means Safe Mode - it’s connected to the cloud, but isn’t running any application code.

Try flashing an application to it from the WebIDE or using particle-cli.

Oh, OK - so all is well then. Is this normal for an out of the box Photon? We just got ours at the end of this week.


Is there a case where breathing blue+magenta would signify something else? I’m running into the issue that when I flash my electron with new firmware it always defaults to breathing blue+magenta. Not sure what I did but no code seems to be working (even firmware which worked in the past.

It’s “red + blue = magenta” and no, that’ll still be the same issue: You’re probably trying to flash incompatible app firmware (e.g. 0.6.0) to an older system firmware (0.5.3).
You should check your target version against your system version.

How are you building/flashing?


I didn’t realize that 5.3 had come out. I just needed to target 5.2. Everything is working now.

Actually 0.6.0 is out already :wink:

Haha I swear I know what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue:. That’s good to know.