Photon 2 setup stalls on ubuntu

I hve a 2 brand new Photon 2 device and I'm trying to set them up with USB on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. When I connect to USB the device goes into flashing blue mode.

from it click "Select Device" and I get a dialog that finds a device and shows:


When i select P2 and click connect, I'm brought back to the original setup screen at at the "Detect" phase. It never advances to "Update".

When I try again - I get a different option in the dialog: "P2-Paired", but still it doesn't advance to Update.

I tried installing cli with:

bash <( curl -sL )

and it reported success, but I can't run command "particle" from my /bin directory even though I see the command and it seems executable:

ls -la gives:
-rwx--x--x 1 tgm tgm 8107418 Mar 1 09:09 particle

(base) tgm@aragorn:~/bin$ particle
particle: command not found

I'm using a Particle USB-cable.


Thanks for reaching out, that does sound very frustrating!

Can you please try the docs-based setup tool and let me know what happens? I haven't seen this issue with ubuntu and the usual setup page before and am wondering if the the same issue will occur with this tool.