PC device manager and com port

Hello from my device manager (windows 10) I don't see the device in the com port. I updated the particle cli but to no avail, reinstalled the particle windows driver as well, same result. What can I do to view and later perform operations with particle cli?
Thanks Valentino

Is the Particle device visible as an unknown device in the device manager?

If not, the most common cause is a power-only USB cable or a defective cable.

You could also try putting the device in DFU mode (blinking yellow by holding down the MODE button and tapping reset. Continue to hold down MODE while the device blinks magenta (red and blue at the same time) until it blinks yellow, then release. Since Windows uses a different device driver for DFU, this can be a good troubleshooting step.

If DFU works but CDC doesn't, then it probably is a Windows device driver issue. There's a complex set of steps that must be followed exactly to get out of this state if it has occurred.

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Hello thanks for the reply and suggestions. The first lines of his answer were the right ones, the cable was a power only USB cable. Sometimes the simplest solution is not taken into consideration. Thank you!

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