Finding Com Port

I am trying to find the MAC address for my Photon using Putty, but in order to do that, I need to write down the corresponding COM port that the device is connected to. However, when I open my device manager, this is what I see. I am unable to see which COM it is, so I was hoping to see if anyone has encountered this problem and could help.

I tried doing it on another computer and the same thing happens.

there is a utility called USBDeview for windows that will show current state of USB & COM ports plus some additional worthwhile information. there is a good chance that this utility can help you solve the issue.

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Where do I find the COM, I can only see the ports and hubs:

@thrainbow Did you install the particle-cli package? It seems that you don’t have serial driver installed.

Yup, CLI is the swiss army knife for Particle devices

you move to the right by using the sliding bar or the right/left arrow keys.

OK, I installed the setup file and am now trying to actually install it, but when I follow the instructions for typing the line on the command prompt I see this:
I’m just typing this up on a regular command prompt. Is it my syntax or something else? Sorry I’m kind of a noob at all of this.

nevermind! I didn’t realize there was a node.js command prompt I was supposed to be using! Thanks for the help everyone!