Virtual COM Port Not Showing in Device Manager for Electron

I am just getting started with the Electron. I am using the Dev IDE on W10. I am able to upload simple LED blink programs to the Electron via the CLI. Now I want to print to the Serial Monitor in the IDE. However, although my Electron shows up in Device Manager as “Universal Serial Bus devices -> Electron”, there is NO virtual COM port showing to be used as a Serial Monitor.

Is there something missing?

ping @ScruffR

I’ve no W10 device with me, but AFAIR there should be a checkbox in the properties window in DevMgr to activate the vCOM port.

I don’t see any checkbox in Device Manager to activate a vCOM port.

If I can’t utilize the USB serial port for debug, then this app is useless.

That’s not an issue of Particle. But when I’m back with my W10 device I’ll post a screenshot :wink:

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Can you try these steps?

For some reason I can’t get any of my Win10 devices to not see my Particles as Universal Serial Bus devices without seeing them as COM devices too :confused:
But I also have 0.6.1 installed on all of them. I might consider downgrading tho’
What system version is yours?

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I did the uninstall, then ran again. Seems working now… You are correct it was a bit tricky.

Thanks for the help…