Particle Photon + Wireless Temperature sensor + Google Spreadsheet

Hi, Is there any best way to send the wireless temperature sensor data to google spreadsheet interfacing with Particle Photon,
I want to use particle cloud to work as the bridge to make the connection between a wireless sensor with google spreadsheet. Any help on this will be great

Have you tried searching this very forum for Google Sheets?
There should be some pointers for the Photon to Google Spreadsheet part of your request.

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Hi, I have been working on script code and after publishing the code they provided the script link like this“script ID”/exec

Now how can I connect this link with particle cloud ?

Or Do I have to modify this reference code which will send the data to particle cloud as well as to google sheet also ?

please suggest

in this topic, I have written an article in Hackster (link below). If you follow it to the letter (some parts are tricky to execute) you might get what you want.

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