Replacement for IFTTT connection

In the past I had my Photon publishing the data on IFTTT, and from there to a Google spreadsheet.
This service was canceled by Sparkle.
Is there somebody that can give me the best (and simpliest) alternative to get my data again on a spreadsheet. (e.g. Google drive an spreadsheet)
THX on beforehand.


First, wow, another Chip!

I used this Application Note as the basis for sending configuration data from each of my devices daily. I can open the Google Sheet and see my entire fleet at once.

Take a look and let us know if you have any questions. Once set up, this process works very reliably.




THX for your valuable help !
For me, as a newbee, it will take a lot of time to start the new procedure.

In the past, the only command included in my program was :
Particle.publish(“TEMPERATUREN” , converSensorValuesToIFTTTString(sensorValues ), PRIVATE);
(this was working for more than two years without problems.

The new procedure seems to be a little more complicated. But I’ll try it out.

Againb Thank you for your help.

How do we know who is who now?

Hi Chip, please try it and ask more questions if you get stuck. Best of luck!

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You might want to check out how we (Team Practical Projects) integrate the world with Particle: GitHub - TeamPracticalProjects/Connectivity_Tools_with_Particle_Devices: Document describing the IoT connectivity tools and techquies that we use with Particle devices.

The following project uses Google Sheets as a log and post-processor for sensor data. There are a number of ways to write data to Google Sheets, but using Google Apps Scripts as a web app is pretty simple to learn and can add valuable functionality (e.g. timestamp your logged data in local time, including DST. : GitHub - TeamPracticalProjects/WellSystemMonitor

Once you get the hang of Google Apps Scripts (triggered by a Particle webhook), you can integrate with most any Google Drive app – sheets, docs, calendar, gmail, … It’s well worth a small investment of your time (IMHO).

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