Sending an Array to Google Sheets using a Particle Electron

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For the past couple of months, my partner and I have been working on a project to collect data from the near by watershed (just temperature for now) and putting it into a google sheets. We have all this working but our next step is to save battery life since our battery only lasts about a couple of days. So what we decided to do was have the Electron turn its cellular on once every hour and send the data to google sheets. We wanted google sheets to grab the an array that has the time data (the time at which the data for the temperature was taken using milis() ) and the temperature data. So what we were wondering if there was a way for google sheets to grab two arrays from the Electron? If anyone could help that would be great. If you would like to check out the project click here.

- Shane_Mats

Note: The GitHub is still being worked on

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thank you

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I would like to modify this for use with a particle photon. Are webhooks needed? Methods have been published that describe this but seem less elegant than this approach. I’m wondering if electron is easier.

The OP’s project doesn’t need a lot of adaption for the Photon.
The only thing not present on the Photon is the fuel guage (unless you use a battery shield that uses the same chip) and the RSSI function needs to be adapted - other then that there isn’t anything Elecron specific that couldn’t be just fixed by changing Cellular for WiFi´ (;->`).

And @gusgonnet’s project uses a Photon anyway.

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