Particle Electron send data to google spreadsheet

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Hello, I am making a project where I send sensor data from an ESP8266 to google sheets document. The way it does this is by calling a specific URL that the google sheet document can understand. I learned it from this tutorial: I bought an electron to do the same thing with’s its ability to use a cellular network. I was woundering if there is an arduino library or a different method to call the URL on the electron that is similar to the library used in the tutorial?


Welcome - it is usual to do some work yourself before just throwing your problem into the forum - a simple search reveals some inetertsing results - why don’t you give this a try and then post some code or ask more specific questions.



@FernandoG A basic overview of the process of pushing data from an Electron to a google sheet is as follows:

  1. Electron publishes sensor data in an event to Particle Cloud
  2. In Particle Console, you set up a webhook (look under the integrations) with the specific device or/and event as the trigger.
  3. The google sheet has a script which receives the HTTP Post and places it in a new line in the specified sheet.

Needless to say getting this working the first time can be a bit tricky since it is easy to make mistakes in the webhook or the variable names or the google sheet heading or script. As @shanevanj has suggested read the posts from people who have done this (including me) and if you get stuck then ask for help.