Particle Monitor One

When do we expect to get more technical details on the new Particle Monitor One?

From the brief info shared so for, we know that the upcoming device will have a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4 CPU and an on-board ESP32 for Wi-Fi. The latter means that it won’t be based on the Realtek MCU used in the P2.

Hopefully the ESP32 used is the new ESP32-S3 with BLE 5.x and not ESP32-C3 or the old ESP32.

What ARM M4 is in the Particle Monitor One?

I’m very excited about this product. It would be interesting to compare this with somewhat similar product out there that uses an ESP32 paired to a Particle Boron LTE Cat M1. In fact, I have my own similar setup from a hardware perspective but minus the expansion boards, so quite intrigued to see what Particle brings to the table.

I’m sure Particle Monitor One is going to be awesome! Just hope that corners were not cut from design because of the chip supply chain situation or time to market.

Perhaps the next generation Particle Monitor One could entertain using the upcoming low power Wi-Fi 6 - BLE 5.x - LTE-M / NB-IoT SoC with Target Wake Time (TWT) from Nordic Semi.

Anyway, very exciting times ahead indeed!

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The Monitor One contains a Tracker SoM (nRF52840 + ESP32), so it’s similar to the Tracker One. It has different batteries, additional peripheral chips, and expansion cards can be added inside the enclosure.

The Tracker M is the device that’s different. It has a P2 module (200 MHz Realtek RTL8721) that is the main MCU, handles cellular, BLE, and Wi-Fi geolocation. It does not have an nRF52 or ESP32.


Hi, what’s a ballpark estimate of the Monitor One price?

Anyone know if there’s any estimated availability date?

Sometime last year I saw something about the Monitor One might be available 1st quarter 2023. Anyone have any estimate as to when it might be released? Sure would like to know as I put a couple of projects on hold hoping to use the Monitor One. I registered fo early access so hopefully it will be soon.

There should be additional information available in June 2023. There should be a limited number of developer units at that time.

Thanks for the update.

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