Particle Black Friday Sale!

Hi folks! Particle is having a Black Friday Sale:

:fire: Take 40% OFF the Particle retail store thru Monday, November 27th!
:gift: Receive a FREE Limited Edition Holiday Snowflake when you add it to an order of $75 or more.
:truck: Use code FREESHIPPING for Photon 2 and Monitor One orders.

Shop now:

Don't miss out - especially on our bestselling cellular devices (they're rarely on sale) :running_woman:

:white_circle: Boron: Your LTE CAT-M1-enabled IoT prototyping solution now with added Verizon support for seamless connectivity across major US carriers.

:white_circle: B SoM LTE CAT-M1: A versatile cellular device with BLE support, designed for easy integration into circuit board designs via an M.2 NGFF connector.

:white_circle: Photon 2: Featuring dual-band Wi-Fi, integrated BLE support, ample memory, ARM Trustzone security, and more, perfect for rapid prototyping.

:white_circle: Monitor One Developer Edition: Tailored to your industrial equipment monitoring needs, providing immediate visibility and rapid prototyping capabilities.

*wholesale store excluded from promotion


These deals are insane!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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No they really are not...

Particle, really? I thought you guys were better than price jacking. The sale is nice but its not 40%.

Sale price:

Pulled from WayBack:


This is the discounted item I found.

Can you link that robc. My browser shows the Boron404X @ $55. I updated my first post.

Sure. For earlier post:

And drill down one more:

OK i think i see whats happening now. Some point recently particle started doing local pricing. I was used to see USD pricing and now I am looking at CAD pricing.

I recant my previous statements.

However there should really be a currency indication somewhere. A bit silly.

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Ha! Good feedback, thank you!

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Just ordered a Particle Photon 2. I know the storefront says "Shipping in Early December", but I just can't hold in my curiosity until I get.
Is there a tentative date I should be looking forward to?

Ah, I had to add the snowflake to the order, didn't I? I thought it just got added to the order. Whoops...

Can you DM me your order info? I'll see if there's anything I can do.

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