Hosting a Particle Integrations Webinar this Thursday!

Hey Folks,

If you interested in learning more about using Particle webhooks to integrate with other systems, join me for a free webinar on Thursday at 10 am Pacific! I’ll share a bit about how integrations work, and demo using Webhooks to build dashboards with ThingSpeak and MATLAB. Sign up here:

EDIT: If you have trouble signing up at the link above, you can use this link to register directly:



Hi Brandon. I signed up, but haven’t received any info on how to join. Is there a problem with the sign-up processes?

Hey @davidgraham, can you DM me your email address? I’ll confirm that we received your registration.

@bsatrom When is the webinar recording going to be available?

Should be up in the next few days, @armor. I’ll post here when its up.

@armor you can find the recording here.

Brandon, thanks for doing this Thingspeak integration - it prompted me to investigate it and also helped me sort out the problems I was having - the examples and topics on this integration aren’t correct about getting the webhook setup correctly. When I have some time I will look into the MatLab analysis side - that has quite a strong use case. Looking forward to the next one - BLE maybe?

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BLE is a good idea! I don’t have the next one planned yet, but I like the suggestion!

The BLE Group library - is really interesting IMHO. The pub/sub functions are very powerful to build a star network of sensors back to a gateway device.


Have you found any good low-cost alternative to the now missing Xenon for implementing these BLE Star networks?

Let me see. (takes a Xenon) Alas, poor Xenon! I knew him, a device of infinite capability, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on my project quests a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! - Nothing as cheap and as good!! Sorry for the Hamlet!


One obvious integration comes to mind. I get the feeling it’s a little shunned on the Particle platform, compared to others.
It’s ok Alexa, people will appreciate you more now that we are stuck at home.

Hey @Pescatore, fair enough. :slight_smile: AWS is not the first-class citizen that GCP and Azure are on the integrations side, that’s true. I can’t commit to anything official at this time, but it is something I’d like to spend a bit more time exploring, and see if we can either provide a first-class integration, or docs and support on doing so.

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Documentation would be awesome!!! I looked at a few of the projects and I get lost quickly. I intend to understand how they work and make my own, but this AWS stuff is not entering my thick skull.
I am pretty effective with the EchoPhotonBridge skill. It has some quirks reading variables that I can’t figure out.
Perhaps I’ll try your skill again, I had problems with it and it’s not as simple to integrate.
The trouble with libraries is memory use.
Anyway, I don’t mean to hijack this thread. Thanks for your support!

I really think integration is what you make of it. You can roll an AWS Lambda using an ALB in like 10 minutes, to generate an api. Power is not in GCP, Azure or AWS, but your level of confidence and experience with it.