Particle Interactions: Interview with Zach Supalla 9/23 at 4pm PT

UPDATE: Livestream is over, but has been recorded here!

We’ll be livetreaming a hangout with CEO Zach Supalla on Wednesday 9/23 from 4-5pm PT (San Francisco time). As usual, the first half hour will be Christine chatting with Zach and the second half hour will be open to questions from people hanging out in the livestream link.

This is the fifth in a recurring series of interviews with Particle team leaders. We’ll be having these every two weeks. You’ll hear from a Particle team leader such as Zach Supalla (CEO), Zachary Crockett (CTO/Software), Stephanie Rich (Business), or William Hart (Hardware/Manufacturing) in each release of Particle Interactions. The first half hour will be an interview, and in the second half hour we take questions from viewers in the open hangout.

I’ll post the hangout here when we have it up and running for livestreaming, and the link to the YouTube recording after the hangout is finished. Afterwards, I’ll also transcribe the interview and post it on this thread.

Feel free to comment and note things that you have questions about here beforehand, knowing that we are trying to keep the interview at a digestible length and that we will likely not answer every question live in the interview. During the interview, you can post questions in the chat box on the YouTube link. Any questions we don’t get to will have answers posted in text form.


Whoa whoa whoa. It’s not @zach’s turn; it’s @steph’s turn!

I’d also like to see Christine interviewing Christine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And other particularly important people


Pitty that @Steph won’t be on next, since as business team leader she might have been the one to answer this.

The 49$ dashboard fee keeps coming up over and over angain and one-man shows or small businesses do find it steep and feel the risk of getting left behind by Particle
Poll: / Discussion: What do you want to see next from Particle?

Maybe there could be some official statement what a possible consolation could be.

I do sympathize with some of the members feeling “ignored” - but I DO know we are NOT :+1:

I won’t be able to watch live today, so a @zach re-run won’t be missed. :wink:

Just kidding. :eyes: :heart: @zach

Hi, @ScruffR, this stuff hasn’t at all gone ignored! We’ve been talking about it internally and I’ll ask Zach about it tonight.

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Can we get update info on when particle-cli will be working with Node 4.0.0/4.1.1 v ??? Thats a question of mine. Thanks.

Happy to discuss dashboard pricing in the interview!

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@christine Question for the livestream: Any plans on the platform working with Parse SDK?

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@freddyroosevelt I know some folks on the community have tried building with Parse before. Not sure about official plans, though!

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Just following up with an answer to the ESD question that came up. The Photon and P1 both have ESD handling precautions that you can find in the datasheet:

They can handle up to 2kV ESD Susceptibility HBM (Human Body Mode)

In general, it’s a good idea to always try to neutralize any charge difference that has built up on your body by touching a grounded surface before picking up any exposed electronics… especially when you know your environment is producing a charge on your body when you move around from chairs to carpets and such. Even this is not guaranteed ESD safe, but is fairly easy to do with proper ESD equipment. If you’re working with a lot of electronics on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to invest in an ESD wrist strap and ESD mat and wire them up correctly for your work surface, otherwise you will eventually damage something.