Particle Interactions: Interview with William Hart 10/7 at 4pm PT

UPDATE: click here for a summary of the interview!

We’ll be livestreaming an hangout with Will Hart, Head of Supply Chain and Electron team leader, on Wednesday 10/7 from 4-5 PM PT (San Francisco time). As usual, I’ll chat with Will for the first half hour, then open up the second half for general questions from people hanging out in the livestream link.

This is the sixth in a recurring series of interviews with Particle team leaders. We’ll be having these every two weeks. You’ll hear from a Particle team leader such as Zach Supalla (CEO), Zachary Crockett (CTO/Software), Stephanie Rich (Business), or William Hart (Hardware/Manufacturing) in each release of Particle Interactions. The first half hour will be an interview, and in the second half hour we take questions from viewers in the open hangout.

I’ll post the hangout here when we have it up and running for livestreaming, and the link to the YouTube recording after the hangout is finished. Afterwards, I’ll also transcribe the interview and post it on this thread.

Feel free to comment and note things that you have questions about here beforehand, knowing that we are trying to keep the interview at a digestible length and that we will likely not answer every question live in the interview. During the interview, you can post questions in the chat box on the YouTube link. Any questions we don’t get to will have answers posted in text form.

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Was attending AWS re:Invent last week, so I missed the interview, but I’m enjoying it over YouTube now… Great to see the passion the Particle team has with making things happen!

With Particle stuff, being the core, the photon, or - soon - the electron, we feel like part of a family, much more than using widelier accepted products like arduinos, raspberries or beaglebones… I’m still waiting for my electron - damn January is sooo far away… - but I wish after that we can get a linux embedded particle board, so that we can put much more power into the device…

Anyways, thanks for the talk, I hope I won’t miss the next one - although at 4pm PT is a bit early, still at work at that time…


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Fun blog post / summary on the Interaction is available here.

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